When a French-inspired wine estate in the heart of the Stellenbosch winelands was taken over by French multi-national, Advini wines, it was time for a major brand overhaul. From the brand home to the logo, from colour palettes to wine palettes, with labels and leaflets and everything in between; this was a 360 brand upgrade with a French meets South African flavour throughout.
There are three tiers of wine and each is treated slightly differently. The entry wines display exquisite, conceptual illustrations juxtaposing insignia like Springboks and Poodles. The core range is more traditional as befits its status, with a classic Franco-SA illustration of the cellar and unique application of the vintage. The top tier showcases unique vineyard blocks, interpreted illustratively in an abstract way and enhanced with foils to add premium cues. The delicate and detailed MCC bottle captures global collaboration and local innovation. The nouveau approach has re-invigorated the brand and increased sales by around 25%; ultimately delivering a design language that is as unique and singular as the estate itself.


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